Hi, welcome to my so-you’ve-just-been-diagnosed guide to Celiac Disease! I’m so pleased you are here. This guide exists because, when I was first diagnosed, I wished I had some sort of guide to help me through the initial stages of shock. There is a ton of information out there, but when I got home from the Gastroenterologist in November of 2010 I had no idea where to start. So, this is for you.

I’ve broken my guide down into 8 steps in a specific order that I feel is most beneficial. However, the order is not set in stone and like most health issues you should do whatever works best for you.

Go to the grocery store

2. Relax

3. Kick gluten out of the house4. Find safe restaurants

5. Prepare your social life

6. Research



7. Resources and technology

8. Feel empowered, you're in control!











I hope this guide has been helpful for you. Feel free to share it with anyone you think could use a little help adjusting to a gluten-free life.

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